About Searched Marketing

Searched Marketing is Atlanta’s next-generation SEO firm that combines decades of search engine optimization expertise with a full content, design, and marketing team that ensures you don’t just get new visitors, but new clients.

Searched Marketing starts with your company’s content, applies the principles of user experience design, and optimizes your search results. In turn, visitors interact with your website and social channels in the most fullest and differentiated experience.

As the sister company of SolutionBuilt, which has served the Atlanta web community for almost two decades Searched Marketing becomes a natural extension of your own company, freeing you up to focus on running your business. When you hire Searched Marketing, you immediately inherit a creative director, content writer, a web developer and Search Engine Optimization Specialists, that are Google Certified. We work with you in concert to build your website, deploy your social media strategy, and publish content frequently to ensure Google takes notice.

Our transparent process means we keep the lines of communication open at all times. We provide detailed monthly reports so that you can track your growth and Return on Investment at any point during our partnership.

Our success depends solely on your satisfaction and bottom line.

With Searched Marketing, you’ve found your trusted partner in web, social, and content development—an agile, creative, and results-oriented team at your disposal to drive action, increase profits, and convert new visitors into new revenue streams.

Contact us today to get a team of digital marketing experts working for you!

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“The team at Searched Marketing is truly incredible. I originally hired them to handle SEO for my website, however quickly learned that not only do they excel at SEO, they add value in so many other areas: content creation, marketing, graphic design, etc. Their willingness to answer questions and brainstorm with me has been so appreciated, as is their super fast response time and customer service. They truly will do everything they can to help you succeed, and I cannot recommend Searched Marketing highly enough.”

Sherri Dickens, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger
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