We’re an Atlanta digital marketing and SEO company that focuses on delivering quality web and mobile traffic to your online business.

Our team of digital marketing experts creates custom content strategies to grow your audience on web and mobile channels. Our marketing services are for small to large corporations, medical companies, e-Commerce stores, local businesses, and publicly traded companies and can help build solid foundations to generate new leads and grow real results.

We have a deep understanding of our client’s target audience and user habits and behavior. Our dedicated team of digital marketers in tech and design go beyond the ordinary to reach your target audience. Our digital marketing team are experts in professional B2B and B2C marketing, digital strategy, and user experience.

Integrated philosophy is at our core. We know what maximizes your brand performance and we pride ourselves on the vast level of knowledge and expertise we have developed over the years. We help companies manage and optimize internet marketing campaigns that attract, engage, convert, and retain your customers


We provide Search Engine Optimization services for your company with an SEO team composed of copywriters, SEO specialists, SEM engineers, web designers, web developers, graphic designers, analysts, and strategists.


Our Services

Search Engine Optimization

We provide Search Engine Optimization and Local SEO services to businesses of all sizes, including large companies, enterprises, agencies, startups, and small businesses. Our SEO Services in Atlanta, GA reach website visitors on both web and mobile devices on a worldwide, national or even geo-targeted area scale. We help your website rank higher on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Social Media Marketing

Using organized and sponsored posts, we will create a custom social media strategy for your brand to target new user audiences and retain your client base. Social media marketing has become one of the most front-facing and visible forms of a successful digital marketing strategy and is necessary for any competitive online business’ growth and opportunity.

Content Marketing

We will research and determine what topics are most important to your audience. This goes beyond Social Media Marketing and our SEO strategies. The goal of Content Marketing is to keep existing customers and turn leads into new business. We do this by creating content that centers around the topics that are of interest to them and offering solutions to problems they face. This keeps your business ever present which in turn will result into growing popularity.

Pay Per Click Management

We create and manage pay per click advertising for Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to productively drive new users and build a constant lead generation funnel. Part of this service also includes tracking the results of these campaigns and providing you with detailed reports. This way you can see just how our approach is helping your business grow.

website design

We follow our proven process to make your website design engaging and exceptional. This is where our web design agency shines. Our in-house web development team is focused on making your website pixel-perfect and available on computers, mobile and tablet devices. Our custom website designs are engaging, user-friendly and follow Mobile-First best practices. As a leader in the mobile industry, Searched Marketing is all you need.




Our custom built digital marketing strategies can help provide your business with real, measurable results.