Common SEO FAQs we find when starting with a digital marketing company

I had someone build my website but it is not findable online. Can you help?

Of course we can! We offer Search Engine Optimization on a local, national, and global level. And if you’re not sure which plan you need, we can customize one that will fit your needs.

How much does SEO Marketing cost?

We have SEO plans starting at $500/month. The truth is, the more time we can spend marketing your website online, the higher your site will show in search results. Let’s talk about your goals first and we can come up with a plan to get your business found online.

Is metadata important for SEO and search rankings?

The major search engines change their algorithms frequently, and they place different importance on different factors accordingly. As a best practice, yes, metadata is very important and should be utilized and optimized frequently.

Why doesn’t my site show up in search engine results?

First off, having a website that is optimized correctly is the first step. But there could be many factors that can attribute to this:

  • In most cases, this is from a lack of regular updates to the website, page titles, and fresh content being distributed.
  • The content on your website isn’t targeting what users are searching for.
  • The website isn’t optimized for the search engines.
  • The website’s quality score and page rank are low. The websites that are linking to yours have low quality score and page ranks.
  • Your competition in your business vertical is fierce and you need to hire a professional digital marketer.

Is SEO a one-time effort?

No, SEO not a one and done effort. SEO is a continual effort that takes time to achieve quality results. In addition, search engines change their algorithms frequently, so it is important that an Atlanta SEO company like Searched Marketing is keeping up with these changes and being proactive on your behalf. The more often you add relevant and valuable content to your site, the more often Google with crawl your site. The easiest and best way to get Google to crawl your site is to add new content on a regular basis.

What are the most important factors for SEO?

There are many factors that are critical to your website’s long term success. A website that is optimized with high-quality links, and full of good, valuable content that is created for the target audience (not search engines) are paramount.

Are blogs important for Search Engine Optimization?

Yes! Blogs are an easy way to keep your website content updated with fresh, unique content. Users and search engines love blogs.

How important is mobile search marketing?

Mobile marketing is extremely important. In fact, over 80% of people use mobile search daily as compared to desktop search. Google now only indexes the mobile version of your website, so its usability, function, content, and speed are the most important factor for obtaining search visibility and rankings.

Can my website be optimized for mobile smartphones?

You bet it can. When someone is mobile, they’re expecting an entirely different experience from the one they’ll get on your standard website. We make sure your mobile website is findable in mobile search engines and gives the user what they’re looking for when they get there.

I have a list of my customers’ cell phone numbers. Can I send them a special or coupon?

Never, ever send messages to people who have not opted-in to receive your text messages. Doing so is illegal – and carries stiff fines. Moreover, SMS Marketing is so powerful because it is permission-based. When you send messages to customers who want to hear from you, you’ll get awesome response rates. Sending messages to people who don’t want to hear from you? At best you annoy potential customers and lose their business; at worst you wind up with a lawsuit.

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