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Searched Marketing provides social media marketing in Atlanta, Georgia. Using organic and sponsored posts we will create a custom social media strategy for your brand to target new user audiences and retain your client base. Social media marketing has become one of the most front-facing and visible forms of a successful digital marketing strategy and is necessary for any competitive online business’s growth and opportunity.

The Popularity of Social Media

As of January 2020, there is an average of 3.80 billion social media users. That is over 300 million more than last year. How does your business compare to your competition?

Social Media presence and interaction matter when it comes to SEO. Businesses with shares and other activity on their social media platform have the potential to rank higher on SEO crawl results. This is something to consider.

Over 50% of people on social media use it to learn and shop for new products, services, and businesses.

Social Media Strategy | Searched Marketing


We offer our clients maximum online exposure through the
use of increasingly popular social media marketing networks.

We use social media to market through custom brand pages, Facebook apps, reputation management, and enter-to-win contests. Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click services are often used in conjunction with social media marketing to round out a fully integrated, digital marketing strategy that maximizes reach and exposure.


With 2.45 billion active monthly users, Facebook still remains the biggest social media site. There are countless ways to connect with current customers as well as create leads you would not have been able to with other outlets. We stay on top of the latest trends to make sure we are using every marketing tool available towards helping your business grow and succeed.


Twitter is a strong platform for small businesses and large corporations alike. Interaction with customers and connecting to new reaches is more profitable than ever. We take advantage of current trends, incorporate data, and use our tools and knowledge to give your business a profile that will stand out from the competition.


People use it to post pictures of their food. To share moments from their vacation. However, you might not realize just how helpful Instagram can be from a business standpoint. We combine marketing strategies with user data research to custom tailor the right approach to representing your business.


LinkedIn is a popular site for job searching. What many businesses may not consider is the advantage it offers from a marketing standpoint. From simply giving your business an additional presence to publishing articles and keeping potential customers engaged, we have the right tools to make the most of this innovative platform.


Founded 15 years ago, YouTube has seen an explosion in growth and utilization. Businesses are finding more ways to reach out to their customers and help promote their products and services. We will utilize everything from content to ads and more to make sure your business is taking advantage of the most relevant marketing advancements.


What started more as a platform for sharing hobbies, interests, or crafts, Pinterest has turned into a valuable business tool. Pinterest stores user data and we use that data to apply towards marketing strategies for your business. By gauging audience interaction and targeting their needs, we help you meet those needs and in turn, see the resulting growth in reach.