Drastic Changes to Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy Can Have Negative Effects

Search Engine Marketing is an important component to growing a business.  With so many strategies out there you can incorporate, it can be overwhelming.

Do you ever wonder what could happen if you make significant changes to your search engine marketing strategy or budget?  Have you ever been enticed to try out a SEO or link-building services from Bangladesh?  Once you already have a plan set in place, it could be tempting to see if a new approach or other changes might be able to help your business.

Well, any single change can impact your website’s traffic significantly.  Search engine marketing is an art and a science; it requires someone who is an expert in brand positioning, knows which search phrases to target, and is able to write quality content and and know which sites to distribute it to.   The content must be created to attract the search engines without alienating your users.  The website design has to be a step above your competition with calls to action to convert your visitors into paying customers.

We recently had a customer cancel their marketing services and hire a new web designer on November 1st, 2011.  The new SEO company offered them a more competitive price for their search marketing efforts, and offered a new website as well.   The negative effect this had on site traffic is evidence that you get what you pay for.

A word to the wise.  If you are looking at making a switch, ask your search engine marketing company to give you an estimated search volume and estimate goal conversions, prior to making any changes.   It takes a little time, but to save valuable traffic your business website, it’s well worth the effort.

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