I want to share a little secret. The internet is not a fad…

I wanted to share a story to show how online advertising works. We work with a company that has been referral only. Due to the economy they started advertising for the first time. Spending more on advertising to take over the market share. They immediately came to us and wanted to start on their search engine optimization and sponsored listings on google adwords. We started their campaign, researched keywords, and key search criteria just as we have done for customers like Georgia Tech, Woodstock Outlet, etc. Our Online Marketing Coordinator, Shane Goodwin updated their website, page content, and primed it for the search engines and started submitting.

This is what we found:

Overnight they had a 1-3 position with their PPC campaign
Within 2 days they were the second listing on Google
Within 1 month they surpassed all of their competition

If you aren’t using one of the most cost effective mediums, then that’s your loss, if you are looking to penetrate a new market there is no time like the present.

Searched Marketing is in its sixth year (a lifetime in our business) of providing website and search engine marketing solutions to small business owners, chief marketing executives, ceo’s, cto’s etc. We understand our customers business needs and have the knowhow to make your branding efforts thru websites and other mediums work.

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