Search Engine Optimization – SEO or SEM?

When a company decides that they need a new website or wants more traffic to an existing website, a common request is “Do I need Search Engine Optimization (SEO).”   How much does SEO cost? Well to be truthful it can cost as much as you want to budget for SEO.   Searched Marketing has worked on projects from a $300 to $100,000 per month.

At the end of the day are you really looking for quick SEO of an existing website that may have dated content?  Or are you looking for Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Proper SEM is about placement, frequency, Click Thru Rates (CTR) and most importantly Conversions.  A good CTR goal is in the 3% range with very excellent being in the 20% range.

To effectively get conversions you have to identify your target visitor.   You can even hire firms like Searched Marketing which provides seo, user research and web design and portal development services.

Effective user research can help with audience segmentation, and use cases based on user persona’s to efficiently convert the user.

A usable website also helps with conversions.  Your website should be stimulate the user visually, and serve a function for your users – quickly and efficiently.

Upon the modification or creation of a new website you may want to engage quality assurance expert.  Testing has become more and more rigorous for the multitude of operating systems and browsers.  Especially as your website application becomes more and more complex.   You can use 3rd party consultants like Searched Marketing to conduct bug audits and browser compatibility.

And finally, then it is time to open the flood gates to the users you have been waiting for.  Now you think like a user and have effectively launched your website to targeted users with targeted keywords.  Your website is running smooth, website inquiries are coming in, and you have orders to fill.