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Excellent SEO Basics

SEO Basics or Search Engine Optimization Can Help Your Business Get Found Online.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization; a method of optimizing onsite website code as well as creating unique content so that it can be found organically by search engines. Excellent SEO consists of both onsite optimization and offsite optimization and is extremely important because, even though you might have a great business with a nice website, if it doesn’t pop up on the first or second page of search results the chances are, people won’t find your business online. SEO should be a very important part of your overall online marketing strategy.

  • 90% of web traffic comes from search engines
  • 85% of searches don’t go beyond the second page

Here’s a good place to start for excellent SEO basics and strategy for your website.

1) Site architecture: SEO starts with the development of the site itself.

    • a. Directory structure
    • b. File naming
    • c. SEO navigation
    • d. Site Semantics
    • e. Usage of H tags
    • f. Internal linking

2) Keyword research:

  • a. Start with the basics keywords.
  • b. Perform ongoing research to refine your keywords.
  • c. Add long-tail keywords.

3) Meta tags

  • a. Title
  • b. Description
  • c. Keywords

4) On Page Optimization:

  • a. Write copy that is informative and engaging.
  • b. Ensure correct placement and optimal density of keywords
  • c. Correct usage of alt tags and image tags.

5) Off page optimization: To get the best search engine results placements, extensive link-building must occur.

  • a. Paid text links
  • b. Link directories
  • c. Articles
  • d. Blogging
  • e. white papers and press releases

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