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Rank higher on Google

As SEO specialists in Atlanta, we here at Searched Marketing spend a lot of time keeping up with changes in the search environment and keeping up to date on ways to rank higher in search engines. Every SEO specialist understands the importance of linkbuilding in terms of a comprehensive marketing campaign. But for everyone else, it can seem like an enigma.

Good links are essential to a higher rank because new links contribute to new monthly traffic. Link Building with quality backlinks is among many important aspects considered by search engines, while determining the rankings of a site. Therefore, creating backlinks is one of the most important tasks you can undertake to promote your website with search engines.

When it comes to SEO, Links pointing to a particular website is one of the most dominant off-page factors. Link building is vital but also a very lengthy and extensive task to perform. The reason why so many site owners are on a lookout for shortcut methods to increasing backlinks, is because many of them do not have the time and the manpower to carry out an effective link building campaign. This is why it’s imperative to hire an SEO company with experience in link building.

Search engines give credit to quality links first, and it is with the help of these links that they determine relevancy for a particular search. Google places a lot of weight on good and relevant backlinks while ranking a site.

The Quality of the backlinks depends on the value and richness of the content of a particular website that is linking to us, or which we are linking to.