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Get an SEO Edge Over the Competition with Mobile Conversions using AMP

Attract qualified leads using the latest cutting edge feature: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and landing pages

You’ve heard the common search marketing speak about page load speeds, content is king, etc., but you may be looking for something else to give you an edge over your competition. A solution with a cutting-edge content delivery platform is appealing for many reasons. Accelerated Mobile Pages, otherwise known as AMP, landing pages quickly relay content to potential customers on their mobile devices and provide information to mobile users faster than traditional web pages. AMP provides users with a visually appealing, customized interface experience, all without requiring users to change devices or even download an app. Check out the benefits of AMP landing pages and learn why you should consider adding this to your SEO Strategy.


You may have already seen AMP in the search results. A distinguished AMP appearing next to results ( [image] ) does more than just fetch a higher placement, but it also grabs your immediate attention. It is an indication that you are about to experience premium content that will be available for your viewing pleasure in a near instant. It’s an open source project with many notable backers, like Google (the company who’s SERPs you’re aiming to be numero uno with). And let’s keep in mind that Google loves Google and awards companies that play along with the projects they support. 


Hence the name, they are called Accelerated Mobile Pages, which means these pages load FAST. Speed is one of the most appealing perks of enhancing your site with AMP landing pages. Google has an entire network dedicated to accomplishing delivery content faster than non-AMP pages. By pre-fetching and caching your AMP content on a proxy-based content delivery network, with such a solid foundation, there’s little that can compare.


You’ve heard of mobile-first, but now imagine having this weapon in your arsenal, knowing that you’re spearheading a mobile-first initiative for your company or client that actually works. Curious? Open this link on your device and experience it for yourself.

Multiple Ways to Implement

There are many ways to implement accelerated mobile pages. The perfect fit is going to depend on your exact needs.

AMP have a lot of support:

  • Dedicated project resource site: Accelerated Mobile Pages Project
  • AMP is supported by the two latest versions of major browsers,  such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Opera per the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project
  • Content Platforms feature AMP or have plugins available to extend sites, including the ever-favorable WordPress
  • Or, simply write stand-alone AMP pages
Interested in creating AMP Landing Pages?

Now that you’re hungry to implement AMP for your own projects, you can use this powerful tool to increase your bottom line, drive qualified traffic to your site, reduce bounce rates, and boost goal conversions. AMP HTML, AMP JS, and Design Principles are all built on a solid platform where support continues to grow. Get ahead of your competition by implementing AMP landing pages into your 2017 marketing strategy. If you have any questions about AMP landing pages or would need help implementing these pages, we can help! Contact us today to learn more about accelerated mobile pages.