The NFL: The real Marketing and SEO MVP

I know I am not the only one that gets the “NFL itch” every year around this time. Well really it starts in March after Free Agency, then we have to patiently wait for the draft, Training Camp, HBO’s Hard Knocks (which is following the Atlanta Falcons this year), Pre Season…and then we are finally in the clear – opening day!

So you’re probably wondering at this point, why I am talking about the NFL, well when you really think about it – all of Marketing and SEO folks can really learn a thing or two from the NFL. NFL football is the number one sport in the US, thanks in part to some great marketing!

The NFL is nothing less than a mega-brand! Many people, who could care less about the NFL, can recognize team logos. Forbes estimated the Super Bowl brand alone is worth $470 million. Should we start the slow clap for the NFL now?

There are so many reasons why branding is important to your company – not only does it create recognition and credibility, but it also if it forms a pleasant association in a buyers mind, leading to customer loyalty you can find out more.

Social Media:
On any given (Sun)day, up to 30 million Twitter users interact with the NFL, according to Adweek. During the 2013 Super Bowl #SB47 was included in 24.1 million Tweets. In fact, the hash tag #SB47 was one of the top tweeted hash tags in all of 2013. Social Media is a great tool to get your fans involved and excited. It makes them feel that they are apart of something.

If you were to look at in search of a blog you would be pleasantly surprised to find SEVEN blogs. Topics ranging from: Fantasy Football to Pro Day to Rich Eisen’s thoughts. As we all say in SEO land: content is king! Maintaining a blog can do wonders for your searchability, while also increasing website visits, generate leads, and increase purchases.

So lets all give it to up the true MVP of Marketing and SEO: The NFL. We can all really take note and implement the marketing strategies outlined above for our companies and our clients. I know our team at Searched Marketing is excited for the always changing future of Marketing and SEO strategy and the future of our NFL teams.