Four Tips for Using Pinterest to Market Your Business

Pinterest now has over 70 million users, and internet marketers and businesses everywhere need to be taking advantage of that. When used correctly, Pinterest can be a great tool to reach out to an entirely different audience and create a following that will eventually lead to new customers. If you want to expand your business’s social media initiatives onto Pinterest, you need to understand how the platform works and familiarize yourself with the site first. Take a look at these four tips on how to use Pinterest to market your business.

1. Think Outside of the Box

Pinterest is all about being creative. Many people use this creative, social media app to get ideas for crafts, weddings, recipes, and other creative endeavors. Before you set up an account, spend some time browsing around and getting familiar with the type of content that people post on Pinterest. Is there any way that you can get creative about your approach? Are there colorful and unique ways you can present your business to make it stand out? These are the kinds of things you want to start thinking about when you are figuring out how to market your business on Pinterest.

2. Post Interesting Pictures

Pinterest is a very visual medium which makes it a great tool for businesses that specialize in fashion, jewelry, or design. If your brand is not particularly visual, there are still ways to come up with great content. For example, infographics are a very popular way to present interesting information in a visual format. Again, Pinterest is all about getting creative with the content that you post and posting valuable content that people want to see. Think of creative ways to get more visual with the content that your business posts.

3. Re-pin Helpful Information

A good deal of pins on Pinterest are re-pins. You can build up your page by re-posting other people’s related content. Not only will this help you become more involved in the Pinterest community in general, but people will be more likely to follow your page if you are more active and pinning the images that they have to your brand’s page. It can be challenging to post, and create, own unique content multiple times a day so don’t be afraid to take notice and re-post images that other people are posting!

4. Share Your Pins on Your Own Website (and Other Social Outlets)

Once you start building up your own Pinterest page, make sure you are sharing it on your own website and other social media platforms. This is a great way to get followers because many of your Facebook or Twitter followers may be interested in also following you on Pinterest, especially when they see the type of content you are regularly posting.

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