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How To Personalize Your Email Marketing In 2019

Our inboxes are stuffed each and every day with communications from various people and companies. Mostly we see our work emails and personal emails. But littered in between them all lie the infamous marketing email.

Yes, that sometimes annoying, sometimes “how did this get here”, and yet, sometimes oh so helpful line of copy and imagery that fills out our inboxes as fast as lightning. 

Marketing emails have been around for quite some time now. Their effectiveness ebbs and flows through the years, mostly landing on persistence and recall as the winning factors.

But what if your marketing emails read like personal emails? What if they could talk to your customer the way you would in person?

One of the biggest digital marketing shifts for 2019 and beyond is the personalization of the marketing email.

Consumers are using third-party apps like Unroll Me and UnSubCentral to manage what they want to see and what they want thrown to the wind and your business’s email campaign has to really stick to stay in that inbox.   

Here are 6 ways to personalize your email Marketing TO keep YOUR customers engaged and returning for more business.

#1 The Copy

The bulk of your email is always the most important. But just bland old informative copy isn’t going to cut it anymore. Your marketing email needs to feel like a familiar conversation between you and the customer. Users want to feel like the one and only, not just a name on a list. Personalize the email’s intro by using customer’s first names. Starting with “Dear Michael” will always get you further than plopping “This just in” or “We want you back” at the top of the content. Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened than ones without.

#2 Set Up Triggered Emails

Triggered emails can gain deep engagement and show your attentiveness to your customers. These are emails that trigger to send automatically based on your customer’s behavior, ie: leaving an item in their shopping cart, or not using their account for an extended period of time. Personalized triggered emails are an impressive way to show your customer that you are paying attention and that you deeply care about their business and their needs.

#3 Be Consistent

Your email campaigns need to mirror your brand and online presence. Sending out marketing emails with a completely different look and feel other than your website imagery and logo will not only be confusing but seems like your business has no voice or construct about itself. Your customers want to feel like they are at “home” when they interact with your online business and brand. Keeping your look and feel consistent over cross-marketing platforms will remind them of who you are and that your aim is to make them feel as comfortable as possible while on their journey.

#4 Know When To Send

Which day of the week and at which time during the day has been highly measured and discussed as it pertains to email marketing. MailChimp even posts data on this subject to better help guide their customers. Morning emails between Tuesday and Thursday have been the most agreed upon time for many years. But with the increased mobile wave from users, studies have shown that nights and weekends are now very much in play. Users are spending more time on their devices late at night and are checking their work and personal emails during the weekend. With this shift, timing has become less important as the actual email itself and what you are trying to relay to your customers.

#5 Your Subject Line Needs To Capture

Emails are fed to our devices with a subject line and usually a short snippet of the body of content. Users can quickly see all of their incoming emails and just as quickly throw them in the trash if they seem uninteresting. The subject line of your email must house a captivating message that intrigues your audience to open the email and discover what lies inside. Be concise and specific, but get to the main substance of why you are sending the email in the first place. If you are promoting a sale, the subject should not be “Attention: Calling All Shoppers!!”. Rather have it read, “25-50% off Storewide!”

#6 Frequency

Nothing is more infuriating than having your inbox littered with marketing emails from the same source day in and day out. Frequency is a key factor in your email marketing strategy and being courteous and cautious about how many emails you are sending out will go along way. Users are much more likely to unsubscribe to a business’s email campaign if they feel like they are being bombarded and assaulted by the number of emails sent. The name of the game is retention, and spacing out your sends will help keep your audience engaged and informed. Once a month is a nice starting place for email marketing. Use your analytics to properly adjust after some time.

Email marketing is an ever-evolving science that takes special attention and care to properly implement and maintain. Having a trusted team of experienced digital marketers is essential in succeeding in a personalized email marketing strategy for your business.


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