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With some states choosing to open back up after the resulting shutdowns from COVID-19, a lot of businesses are unsure of what steps to take next. While it has been more important than ever to reach customers during the shutdown, how do you reach out now if you are looking at opening again? Marketing your business after the COVID-19 crisis will be paramount in its success.

There is a different tone to how businesses are advertising. There is a different priority to how customers are shopping. Whatever your business offers, make sure you use a marketing approach and fitting tone when reaching out to returning and new customers.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the easiest ways that businesses can monitor the reach of their marketing, both from a content standpoint and for advertising strategies.  Searched Marketing provides Search Engine Optimization and Local SEO services to businesses of all sizes.  What does this mean?

Our team of experts looks at your website and how the current content helps or hurts your overall online visibility.  What are your potential customer’s search patterns?  What are your current customer’s buying habits?  What devices do they typically use when visiting your site or completing purchases?  These are all questions that Searched Marketing answers with our tools and evaluation.

The answer to these questions might be different than they were weeks ago.  The shutdowns across the nation have not only impacted the way that businesses have operated but also changed how customers are spending their money as well.  Maybe your website could benefit from reformatting to better reflect those current trends.  If you have any social media pages, Searched Marketing can also help incorporate those into making your SEO presence stronger so that you start reaching more new and existing customers.

Once you know you have a solid online presence, it easier to use that platform to build more of a profit.  Then you can move onto the other aspects that will help to help your business rebound stronger than ever. 


Almost as important as how you present yourself online is how you advertise.  Proper advertising can lead to more sales.  More sales lead to more reviews.  More reviews lead to more new customers. 

One of the most powerful tools to incorporate for advertising is that of Social Media Marketing.  At Searched Marketing, we have over 16 years of experience helping our clients incorporate existing and new social media strategies that are proven to help benefit any business. 

With 3.80 billion social media users as of January 2020, make sure that your business is taking advantage of this incredible opportunity to reach customers.  Facebook and Twitter aren’t the only platforms bringing in profit for small and large businesses anymore.  People are using Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and many other channels as well. 

3.80 billion is not a small number and it will only keep growing.  Searched Marketing can help bring this growing audience to your business so that you start seeing a growth in profit.  Another advertising method we incorporate is Pay Per Click Marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is an advertising strategy that directly sends customers to your website and social media channels.  SEO incorporates and focuses on organic lead generation.  PPC Marketing is like it sounds.  You can set your own budget and monitor your marketing results directly and use this to build your advertising strategy.

Searched Marketing has helped the majority of our clients build their reach over the years with PPC Marketing.  Our tools and quality of service are unmatched so you not only see results, but you will have constant communication and reports to reflect that growth.  Whether you are a small or large business, we can help you continue to thrive.


If there is one thing this pandemic and shutdown has proven, it is that we are stronger when we stand together.  At Searched Marketing, we have been here for our customers during this difficult time and we are continuing that support now.  Just because states are opening back up doesn’t mean that everything will return to normal right away.  Or at all. 

This pandemic has changed the way businesses have had to approach their marketing.  It has also changed how customers have chosen how and where to spend their money.  Make sure that your marketing strategy is on track to adapt to these changes and is reaching more existing and potential customers.  At Searched Marketing your business is our business.  Contact us or call 404-835-7876 today to see the difference!