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Email Marketing in 2020: Make the Most of Your Content

With how connected our society is today, it is no surprise that over 4.33 billion people across the globe have internet access.  Furthermore, over 3.93 billion use an email program.  Email remains one of the most effective ways for individuals to communicate with each other and this is no different for businesses communicating to customers with email marketing. 

How do you make the most of email though as it pertains to your digital marketing?  There are several factors to keep in mind when creating content for your customers to read.  Emails are a great way to keep customers returning as well as reach new customers.  However, it is also easy to be sent to the ‘trash’ folder or have people unsubscribe if you don’t find a way to connect with them.

Searched Marketing is here to help your business find digital marketing solutions that work.  A key component of digital marketing is email.  Here are important factors to consider that will help your business make an impact.

Have A Voice

It is easy to send out an email.  However, it is also necessary to have a voice that carries your business identity over into text.  You want your customers to get the same impression from your email as if they were visiting the website itself.  Who are you?  What do you offer?  Why should someone keep reading?

The first words are essential so make them count.  People are busy.  It only takes seconds for them to decide if your email is something they want to continue reading or if it is being deleted.  By having a unique identity, you separate yourself from all the other marketing emails they receive from your competitors.

Once you have a reader’s attention, they are even more likely to follow links to your website or online store and this is what gets you business.  Most importantly, even though you are sending countless emails to inboxes and recipients, you want each person to feel like you are talking specifically to them.  Nobody likes feeling like just another name on a list.  So make sure your email content is personalized.

Follow Up

Once you have an initial conversation set up, make sure to keep it going.  Just like people want to feel noticed, they also want to feel important.  If a customer has an item left in their shopping cart, send them a reminder email.  Have they not accessed their account in a while?  Check up on them with an automated message. 

There are several ways to follow up with your customers to make sure they know you care about them.  Seeing that you not only pay attention to these details but also care about their needs, helps them feel valued.  This will make them feel more confident in choosing your business and referring it to others too.

Have Consistency

One of the most important aspects in marketing is consistency.  Your brand in person needs to be the same as your brand online.  How you present yourself in a new campaign has to be the same as the first campaign you launched.  This does not mean that you cannot have new ideas or make improvements on certain approaches.

However, people like a sense of familiarity as well.  They want to feel ‘at home’ with a business they use repeatedly so keeping your overall brand and message consistent only enforces that comfort and confidence.  This also applies to how you market across multiple platforms as well.  Your website presence needs to have the same presence as your email content.  Your email content needs to reflect the tone of your social media pages.  Your social media pages need to convey the same personability as your face to face interaction and the cycle starts over again.  Make new customers want to get to know you.  Keep customers coming back because they enjoy that experience.

Timing Is Everything

No matter what type of business you operate, there are specific times of day to reach your customer base.  Additionally, there are certain days that garner more response and interaction than others.  Our team of marketing experts has this formula down to a science so that no matter who your target audience is, we make sure your email is well received.

Likewise, there are certain times of the year where certain topics might be more or less relevant.  This can depend on what your business offers, your customer habits, and plenty of other factors.  Do not guess when it comes to marketing.  Searched Marketing knows how to tailor and customize a campaign with a strategy that will get you the best results possible.

Catch Their Attention

This is different than having a voice.  Getting customers to read your email is about making sure your email has a subject line that catches their attention.  This could be “50% off Storewide!” or “Easy tips for headache relief!”  The important goal is to either presenting an offer or solution that will be something they want to read more about.

Summarize the content of an email with a simple phrase.  We said people will decide quickly if they want to keep reading an email.  They will decide even quicker if they want to open an email in the first place.  You want to be short and to the point without seeming like spam.  Find the right way to catch your readers’ attention.  After that, keep them interested in the voice of your email.

Email Marketing & Content Marketing In Atlanta, Ga

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