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From Isolate to Motivate: How to Change the Tone of Your Digital Marketing

The majority of states have returned to mostly standard operations.  Things are returning to normal.  That means our vocabulary needs to return to normal. Words like “uncertainty” or “pandemic” are overused and negative. Continuously naming “COVID19” only continues to fuel it’s strength in making people feel isolated. 

The key players on the field of shifting vocabulary are businesses. It is up to us to motivate others. We can bring people together. You can encourage your customers. It is important that businesses know how to reopen. Your digital marketing tone will play a big part of that.  Make sure your business is welcoming customers back with the right message. 

Searched Marketing is a digital marketing company and SEO agency in Atlanta, Georgia.  We help small and large businesses alike reach existing and potential customers by incorporating the latest digital marketing strategies.  We are ready to move forward, leaving these past months behind, and run towards the future together. 

People want to feel connected.  Searched Marketing will help market your business with a tone that accomplishes this goal.  Continue reading to find out some of the important factors to consider that will help customers open their doors again and walk through yours.

A shift in tone for your digital marketing

Tell A Story

It can be one from your own life or of someone that you know.  Or share an article you saw that encouraged you.  Everybody has a story and, especially as we return to our routine as a community, these stories will be what unifies us even more. 

Maybe it is an act of kindness that encouraged us.  Or a struggle that someone overcame on a personal or business level.  Maybe it is a struggle that they are still facing but are determined to prevail.

Use your online platforms such as a website or social media channels to not just share a story but encourage others to do the same.  Especially on different social media channels, adding hashtags or encouraging commenters to tag their loved ones can unite an audience.

The human spirit and kindness are two of the strongest forces this world has to offer.  When you combine the two?  The results are nothing short of powerful.  Use your business to help launch this positivity into the world. 

This will demonstrate a genuine empathy to your customers.  Another way to show this trait is also our next suggestion for reaching more customers.  That suggestion is to give. 

Give Back

Giving could mean a lot of different things, especially when it comes to a business.  The important focus is to contribute towards your customers.  Go one step further as well and contribute to the community around you.  There are a few ideas you can incorporate to not only give, but also promote your own business and others to give as well.

One way to give to others is by offering a special discount or promotion for a specific item or time frame.  For example, Searched Marketing recently launched our 3-month FREE marketing giveaway!  Searched Marketing wants to do our part to reopen America by supporting other businesses. 

Especially during a time when our economy is rebuilding, marketing is more important than ever.  By giving away 3 months of free marketing, we are hoping to help a business expand their marketing reach without worrying about their budget.  Is there a similar promotion you could run with your business?

Another idea is giving back to the community as well.  Promote a sale or event where a certain amount of your profits goes towards a charity in your community.  Or to the local hospitals or some other organization that has been working hard during the recent months. 

A lot of people are encouraged by the idea of giving back but might not know where to start.  Your business could provide the perfect opportunity.  While giving back to others, this will help you remember our last factor in motivating your customers.  That is, to be adaptable.

Your Same business – Different approach

People have made a lot of discoveries during past months.  They have picked up different individual hobbies they might not have had before such as reading, gardening, puzzles, etc.  Time away from the office has resulted in people learning they want to pursue a different career path.  Customers have changed the way they spend their money and where they spend it as well.

If you didn’t have an online store before, now is the time to consider adding one to your website.  The same for having different social media platforms.  With doors closed, the internet obviously became the best way for people to find what they need.  Even with businesses reopening now, this may be a precedent that stays.

Many restaurants that started doing curbside pick-up or delivery found an overwhelming response from customers.  This might decline after states fully reopen.  However, it might also be a continuing growth in an already popular trend.  Consider if this is something that could be applied to your business model.

Finally, as your business reopens and customers return, it is important to realize they might be working with different budgets than they were before.  With job losses or decreased pay and hours, the customer economy is looking at a new way of spending.  Both out of empathy and necessity, it is important for businesses to adapt as well.

One way that Searched Marketing has planned to adapt to customer needs is by looking at financing options.  There are different ways to do this and several different financing companies to go through as well.  Research the options to see what works best for your business.

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