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Lead generation. Online visibility. Domain authority. All concepts any business strives for. But how do you get there? And at the end of the day, what does lead generation hope to achieve? Many marketing companies offer empty promises of search engine visibility and lead generation. But more traffic doesn’t necessarily equal more business. In fact, lead generation is only a stepping stone to the end goal; lead conversion.


Online Lead generation, by definition, is the attraction of new users to your online website, social channels, and eCommerce platforms. Lead conversion is the act of that user taking a measured step in engaging with your business, whether contacting through a form or phone call, purchasing a product, or securing a service.


The true success of any online marketing campaign is the capture and measurement of your lead conversion rate. Maintaining a high conversion rate shows that more leads were targeted, took action, and became a customer. These consumer actions are the end goal of any well-established marketing campaign.


First, we need to find the problems within the experience between your user and your website. High bounce rates trigger costly drops in search visibility and bringing in spam traffic without conversion is always a recipe for disaster. Setting up a healthy website and keyword analysis will be the backbone of our online marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

The creation of rich and pertinent content across all of your online channels is the key to user engagement and lead retention. Online users are searching for a solution to a problem. It could be a service they seek, or a product they need. Google wants to give its users the quickest and most informed answer and with quality content creation and management, your online business will establish itself as the domain authority and trust leader in your vertical.

Pay Per Click

In addition to optimization, keyword strategy, and content creation, Pay Per Click online advertising is directed and deliberate way to engage new users and convert them into leads. With the rise of online advertising, Google dedicates up to four online ad slots at the top of the search page and on a mobile device, the screen share on a search is made up of ads before any organic listing is shown. PPC has become a necessary platform in user targeting and retention.

Social Media Marketing

For businesses large and small, social media marketing has evolved into an advertising haven where organic and paid posts will help drive in new audiences, discover services and products, and deliver curious users into converted leads. Social media channels need to be properly set up, optimized, and the content has to formulate around a strategy and purpose to engage and capture new audiences.

Google Local

Over the past two years, there has been a 900% growth in searches using the “near me” phrase. Consumers are looking for local solutions to their problems and Google’s review platform is one of the highest factors in a user’s decision to take action with a company. Generating and management of your review portal are critical in competing for new users online.


For over almost two decades, Searched Marketing has produced high-quality lead generation and lead conversion for clients ranging from small local businesses to worldwide brands. Let us take your online business to the next level of success with our tailored marketing strategy, in-depth monthly analytics and reporting, and full, in-house team of creatives and SEO experts that will help engage and retain your target audience. Contact us online or call us today at 404-835-7876 to get started.