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Why SEO and Marketing Matter More Than Ever During COVID-19

One thing all businesses have seen during this Coronavirus outbreak is how it impacts their traffic.  Companies that provide essential items or services have obviously seen an increase in sales.  Businesses that do not have seen a decrease due to both the distraction of customers and more conservative spending habits.

No matter what category your business falls into, it more important now than ever to focus on your SEO during COVID-19 and your digital marketing as a whole.  If you are already experiencing a growth in customers and sales, it will help gear specifically towards new meeting new customer needs.  If you are seeing a decline in business, it can help to restructure your approach to try and bring back more customers.

At Searched Marketing, we will strategically develop the best solution for your business.  Our team of experts will use their experience to help reach your goals for the present and help continue your business growth into the future. 

SEO during COVID-19

If your business needs to increase leads and sales

A decline in sales and lead generation is not something any business owner wants to deal with.  It can lead to worry, uncertainty, and general anxiety about the future of your business.  These are all normal reactions to have, but it does not mean that you have to go to the worst-case scenario.  At Searched Marketing, we use our tools and experience to help make sure your company not only stays afloat during these times but that it continues thriving. 

With our SEO tools we will find out exactly where the shift in customer traffic is happening and help steer it back to your site.  By finding out what is trending and what keywords are ranking, Searched Marketing will apply these findings to your business and help redirect new customers to your site.  We will also help to get your existing customers back by using our data and analytics tools. 

For Marketing, we will see which platforms are seeing the most traffic for your specific field.  Once our team has this information, we will utilize organic, PPC, and other approaches to help get customers’ attention and get them to visit your site.  Social Media presence is an important tool as well so we will also look at improving your current pages or creating ones if needed. 

You have enough to worry about.  Let Searched Marketing take the stress of increasing your traffic and leads off your mind.

If your business has seen a spike in leads and sales

Congratulations!  This is obviously a good thing.  However, just because there is an increase in sales now doesn’t mean it will be easy to turn those sales into repeat customers once everything calms down.  People might be visiting your site because their usual business is not able to meet their demands currently.  Or they might have realized they need what you have to offer due to the current situation.  Regardless of what brought them to your site, Searched Marketing will make sure we set you up to keep those customers using our expert SEO during COVID-19 and continuing after all this settles.

Using our SEO tools, we will see what trends and keywords have brought people to your site.  If they are phrases already utilized in your content, we will increase the frequency it appears to drive up your position in the search results more.  If the keywords are ones that aren’t being utilized yet, our team will take advantage of this discovery to help boost your rankings and online identity. 

As for Marketing, we will push more organic and PPC reaches on your different pages.  This will help new and existing customers find you on various platforms which continues to increase your reach.  Searched Marketing will make sure your growth in business continues as society moves forward.

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Searched Marketing is a full-service development and marketing agency providing SEO and Marketing solutions for all size businesses.  Just because these are concerning times doesn’t mean that you have to be concerned about your business.  Searched Marketing offers 0ver 15 years of experience and dedication to helping our customers reach their business goals and keep growing.  We care about you.  Together, we will help your business continue to thrive.  Call us today at (404) 835-7730 or contact us online.