Advertising in a down economy: How To

There are many items on the P&L report that a business owner reviews to try to cut cost. Typically the most costly is payroll, rent/mortgage, utilities, communications, and advertising. Owning a small business myself and having a business in which we build company brands we find that the trend is to cut items that aren’t a fixed cost.  Items that your business cant survive without: i.e. employees, and advertising.

There are numerous ways to cut cost such as renegotiating your rent, going green to cutback on utilities, using voip lines for communication, setting up internet conferences rather than incurring travel cost.

You can also cut cost on advertising, by having a consultant review your ad budget, optimizing the ad sources so that your budget works smarter and harder for you. You can also decrease the size of your ad placements, or place your company on services that differentiate your business from your competitors.

Before you by into the hype of the worst economic slow down get a free consultation of how we can help you. There are plenty of ways to promote your business thru web, mobile, and print mediums that dont break the bank. Take a look around there are still retail and online shoppers, and we arent at the soup kitchen yet….