How Will ChatGPT Change Digital Marketing & SEO? Learn More Here!

There is a lot of buzz circling around AI and ChatGPT in the digital marketing and SEO space right now. There is also a lot of uncertainty as to what benefits, and more importantly, what downfalls AI will pose to the process, structure, and strategy of sound SEO and digital marketing. This blog will bring to light the advantages of AI and ChatGPT and shed some light on artificial intelligence’s negative effects on your digital marketing efforts and best practices.

When & WHen Not To use ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an artificial chatbot created by OpenAI and released in November of 2022. Since its conception, many digital marketers have been exploring its capabilities, features, and learnings to utilize the chatbot’s strengths to help create content, code, automation, and much more. But the chatbot has already raised many red flags on when and where its services can help or hurt your digital marketing strategies.

Technical SEO, On-Page SEO & Development

ChatGPT is a great way to create and automate small technical SEO and development tasks and as more users dive deeper into the chatbot’s capabilities, we should see an uptick in helpful dev tasks being created by the AI bot. Some early findings show that ChatGPT is a helpful tool for:

  • Quick and simple snippets of code
  • Code automation
  • Creation of strong headlines and titles
  • Creation of short-form content like metadata
  • Brainstorming outlines for blogs and on-page SEO
  • A deep dive into seed keyword research

Where ChatGPT Should Not Be Used

Content creation on any level is the backbone of search relevancy and visibility for online rankings. Many feel that leveraging ChatGPT’s AI learning can replace a human in creating original and rich content. But Google has quickly refuted this claim.

Google’s John Mueller stated, “It’s still automatically generated content, and that means for us it’s still against the Webmaster Guidelines. So we would consider that to be spam.”

Google takes plagiarism very seriously when it comes to online content, and since anyone has access to ChatGPT, duplicate content around the same topics can be created easily and flagged by Google resulting in penalization and a drop in rankings and visibility. Here are some areas in which ChatGPT can negatively affect and even harm your SEO process:

  • Content Creation
  • Local SEO
  • Search Intent
  • Keyword Research

With so much ambiguity and doubt surrounding AI and ChatGPT, SEOs and content creators need to tread lightly and keep to the concrete best practices and strategies that have dictated online search and page rankings from Google’s webmaster guidelines and SEO guidelines.

Will AI and ChatGPT become resourceful tools for online marketing? Absolutely.

Will ChatGPT replace human thought and content creation? Absolutely NOT.

SEO and online marketing will continue to be created and executed by smart, forward-thinking subject matter experts that strive to make online search relevant, useful, and easy for users, customers, and clients.

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