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Why EAT SEO Matters In 2022

Effective search engine optimization takes time and a focused strategy to perform. Many factors are in play when trying to successfully rank your business’s website for first page results. One of the most important of these ranking factors for 2022 is EAT SEO. EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, three of Google’s most influential attributes to the ranking prowess of any web page. Users searching on the internet are looking for a solution to a problem, whether that be a service needed or a product to buy, and having EAT SEO within all content and pages will greatly aid in your search rankings and conversions.

What Makes Up EAT SEO?


Expertise for any domain is crucial in Google’s indexing and consideration of that domain’s content and relevance to a user. If you can show your expertise in the vertical your business lies in, Google is more likely to share your content with the user. Expertise demonstrates that not only is your content knowledgeable for your vertical but also has long-standing, hands-on engagement in the service or product. Continually creating and distributing quality content and web pages will boost your expertise with Google. And for brick and mortar businesses, your Google My Business listing needs to reflect the same.


Authoritativeness is also a pivotal aspect to search rankings. Showing your business as an official representative of your vertical or field will help Google distinguish the best from the rest. Authoritativeness can be shown with your certifications, awards, reviews, and content. The way your business portrays its services, products, knowledge, and abilities all build the authoritativeness of your brand.


Trustworthiness has become more and more important as the internet has grown. Users view trustworthiness as one of their top factors when making a decision from search. Google reviews have allowed users to see firsthand from other customers how trustworthy a company is and without a robust review system, your business will suffer in search rankings and user retention. Building a trustworthy online presence is paramount in lead generation and reputation. Google deems online reviews and trustworthiness in high regard when determining ranking status.

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