Why Are Customer Reviews So Important?

In an economy where everyone is online, customer reviews are key when it comes to growing a business. So important, that about 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations from their friends. To understand the impact of reviews , Searched Marketing takes a deeper look at a few of the main reasons why customer reviews are crucial to your business’ success.

Increase Sales

Positive customer reviews and feedback can lead to increased sales. People usually check sites that offer complete reviews before they purchase a product or service. With the help of reviews, they often decide as to which brands or products to go for. Seeing many positive reviews about your brand often leads to increase in sales. To help nurture and promote such environment, having your company focus on great product and equality great service will result into great experience and gather in more positive reviews. Having a good review on your product will boost up your conversion rates which will translate to more sales. The better reviews your product or service has, the more likely you will have customers who are interested in your products.

Build Your Credibility

Credibility is also very crucial when it comes to sustaining long term growth. Even if you have a larger customer base in the beginning, your company needs credibility and integrity to sustain. Many online reviews can help build up your credibility because people will see nothing but positive reviews about your business. 

With positive reviews are always going to come a few bad reviews. The question here would be whether a few bad reviews will affect your credibility or online ranking. Once you build up a number of good reviews, one or two negative reviews isn’t going to hurt your business that bad. However, this does not mean that you should just ignore the bad reviews.

It is recommended that you address the problem right away so that you can show the public that your company does have good customer service and takes pride in its customers and their business. With our newly designed review system, if the customer gives three stars or less they are directed to a form to give feedback for the business to try and make their experience or service better. This is a great way to improve your online rating and minimize negative reviews. To learn more be sure to click on the below below!

Improve SEO

Good customer reviews help your business rank especially with organic search results. Since your brand will be mentioned quite a lot in reviews, your brand will become more relevant in the search engine results. Reviews will be considered by the search engine as unique content already and unique content has more crawlability to the search engine algorithm. When the content becomes more indexable, then it will gain a better ranking in the search engines. 

Drive Traffic With Customer REviews

Positive reviews can help bring new customers to your website. If a consumer is reading a review of your product and is interested in it, the next step would be to look where they can buy that product or service.

Help Grow Your Brand

Customer reviews can also be used as a marketing tool to help grow your business. One review will lead to more business which in term will lead to more people leaving reviews. When a lot of reviews are written on different platforms, your brands name will spread inevitably. Spreading in a positive way is basically getting free marketing from your satisfied customers. This will not only build awareness of your products or services but loyalty as well since your reviews will show that your brand has good credibility. 

Ask for Customer Reviews

As a business, it pays to make sure that you showcase your positive reviews. The best way to get reviews is to simply make sure that your product and customer service is satisfactory. Your satisfied customer will help spread the word about the experience they’ve had from your brand.

If plausible be sure to ask customers for a review at the end of a sale or service when the customer is the most happy. Most customers are willing to review your product when they have had a positive experience. Being open to feedback allows your business to improve and flourish as you will have the direct feedback from people you interact with. Showing you care about your customers will help them develop trust and loyalty and make them wanna promote your brand or service. 

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